Kinbrace Camp 2013

In the morning of August 16th our group gathered at Kinbrace to go camping. It was a bit rainy, yet everybody was enthusiastic about the 3 days we were going to spend at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast. After some preparation we hit the road in two buses. We had to go on a wonderful ferry ride, with sandwiches and snacks waiting for us on the top deck. After the ferry we again drove by bus to Camp Byng. The man in charge there welcomed us.

Camp Byng seemed a very peaceful and laidback place to me until I heard that there are cute BEARS strolling in the woods! But I didn’t see any bears and so I enjoyed the mesmerizing, beautiful nature – all of which was screaming out God.
We had 3 benevolent and kind volunteers who were cooking, so that the rest of the group could hang out and make the most of each day. There were different activities like dancing and singing song sessions, swimming in the ocean, practicing how to say “Ka Ka” to scare off a bear in case we see one, playing different games like volleyball, soccer, badminton, adding more rock to the ocean (skipping stones) and also having our meal three times a day in a perfect place high above the sea level so we could see the woods and the ocean while enjoying each other’s company.
The remarkable thing about the camping was the experience of responsibility and contribution that people had towards the group and to the place.
The camping finished on August 18th in the afternoon and left me with a lot of fun memories and a the question, “Am I going to be lucky enough to be in this group for the next year camping?”