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Protect a person seeking refugee protection today.

Salima is one of those people you might have heard about on the news.  She’s running for her life because she dared to confront the government in her country.  Now she’s in Canada seeking refugee protection.

Salima remains at risk – even in Canada – if she doesn’t quickly get the support she needs.

Shelter and protect Salima today.

Helping Salima means ensuring her basic needs like housing are met.  It also means you increase her chances of getting refugee protection.  (If you’ve ever witnessed it, you’ll know the power in the moment when someone who needs refugee protection gets it….)

Meeting Salima on the street, you’d never know her life is at risk.  She seems confident and articulate.  Yet listening carefully, you learn she doesn’t have a place to sleep tonight.  She’s frightened, uncertain, alone.  Her small, grey suitcase is all she has.  She needs protection, but she doesn’t know what to do or where to go.

Donate today to give Salima a place to live, a community of support, and information that leads to safety.


Yes, I want to shelter and protect Salima and others like her.

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