Host Community

The Kavanaghs: Ben & Rachel

The Host Community is a group of families and individuals who call Kinbrace home. 

At the heart of the Kinbrace vision is living alongside refugee claimants as family. As the Host Community, Kinbrace is our home, and Kinbrace residents are more than neighbours; they become our friends and our family. Guided by the core values, the Host Community is available outside of office hours, offering an attentive and relational welcome as part of daily life. Our evenings and weekends together are punctuated by cups of tea, conversations in the backyard, spontaneous soccer games, and shared meals.

Meet our Host Community Members 

The Kavanagh Family

Hi! Our names are Ben and Rachel, and we are the Kavanagh family. We have been part of the Kinbrace community since March 2021. We enjoy cooking, being outside in nature, and spending time in community.

We are also looking for an Apprentice to join the Host Community 

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Build Community

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”

―Richard Rohr