Host Community

(Left to right: Sofia, Anika, Emily, Otto, Rhys, and Max)

The Host Community is a group of families and individuals who call Kinbrace home. 

At the heart of the Kinbrace vision is living alongside refugee claimants as family. As the Host Community, Kinbrace is our home, and Kinbrace residents are more than neighbours; they become our friends and our family. Guided by the core values, the Host Community is available outside of office hours, offering an attentive and relational welcome as part of daily life. Our evenings and weekends together are punctuated by cups of tea, conversations in the backyard, spontaneous soccer games, and shared meals.

The original Host Community was the Balisky family, who were later joined by the Pacos. Together, these families lived at Kinbrace together for most of its 20+ year history and integrated the Core Values of Kinbrace in their day-to-day lives. Over the years, apprentices and practicum students have also been part of the Host Community, offering their gifts and energy and enriching Kinbrace with their presence.

Meet our Host Community Members 

The current Host Community consists of Anika, Sofia and the Volkenant family. Anika became part of the Host Community in June 2017 and was joined by Rhys, Emily, Max, and Otto in August 2018. 

Build Community

The response to war is to live like brothers and sisters. The response to injustice is to share. The response to despair is a limitless trust and hope. The response to prejudice and hatred is forgiveness. To work for community is to work for humanity. To work for peace is to work for a true political solution; it is to work for the Kingdom of God. It is to work to enable every one to live and taste the secret joys of the human person united to the eternal.

―Jean Vanier, Community And Growth