Volunteers play an important role at Kinbrace. Together, we extend welcome to people in Canada’s refugee protection system.

Housing Volunteer

We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to assist Kinbrace residents as they transition into permanent housing. For more information, please read the Housing Volunteer Job Description.

To discuss being a Housing Volunteer, or for any questions, please contact Luke at

Click here to download Kinbrace’s Volunteer Application Form


Beyond Refuge Companion

As a Beyond Refuge Companion, you are a Canadian resident seeking a journey of mutual transformation with people who are newly arrived in Canada and on a refugee protection pathway. You appreciate diversity and, by listening well, you learn and grow with newcomers, thereby creating a resilient and progressive community.

This is a journey of friendship, set at a pace and intensity that works for both of you. It is about inspiring transformative communities, from being apart to being together!

You will be mentored, coached, and supported in your journey.

To discuss being a Companion, or for any questions, please contact Wilfred

Beyond Refuge Volunteer

As a Beyond Refuge Volunteer, you are there to facilitate and support the Canadian resident and the newly arrived refugee claimant as they connect and journey on a path of mutual transformation. 

You are able to identify and nurture spaces of common interests between the two residents. You offer guidance and ensure that the relationship is informed by the principles of equal  and ethical considerations.

You will be trained, mentored and supported in your journey.

To volunteer, or for any questions, please contact Wilfred