Current Opportunities

Apply to Become a Host Community Member at Kinbrace Community Society

Kinbrace is seeking a family to commit to becoming volunteer Host Community Members, living on-site in East Vancouver. The Host Community is a dedicated group of neighbours who live life in the community with intention and commitment, providing a generous welcome to people seeking refugee protection. 

You are seeking a creative and meaningful home life.  Living life in a community as an engaged and attentive neighbour alongside newly arrived refugee claimants resonates with you.

As a Host Community Member you create and sustain a place of home and kinship to people seeking refugee protection, wholeheartedly aligning yourself with and living into Kinbrace’s core values: 

  • Welcome
  • Trust
  • Mutual Transformation
  • Celebration
  • Prayer

Amidst the regular rhythms of your life you will:  

  • Extend and receive spacious hospitality with Kinbrace residents; lead and participate in community building events and celebrations; and respond to after hour needs 
  • Attend and host community dinners 3x/month
  • Offer your unique interests and talents to the community
  • Tend the Kinbrace property and take on community chores
  • Check in and share meals regularly with others in the Host Community


  • Thrive in a multicultural environment
  • Are very flexible and adaptable 
  • Have time and capacity in your daily life for new relationships, community rhythms and responding to spontaneous invitations
  • Have experience living communally
  • Are prepared to commit to living at Kinbrace for a minimum of 1 year

Some highlights from past Host Community Members:

  • “The most life-giving aspect of living at the Kinbrace for me was the relationships made; they were deeply meaningful.  Over time, simply from being present in the same space day in and day out, trust grows. It is a gift to get to know people from all over the world in such a way.”
  • “All of the celebrations, both spontaneous and planned: the weekly meals with many birthdays, positive determination parties, goodbye tributes, baby showers, New Years, etc. There is a vibrancy that happens when the fragility of life feels so close to home. “
  • “My family grew tenfold in the time I lived at Kinbrace…I arrived empty-handed and left with at least 8 new sisters!”

Host Community Application Links:

Contact Julie at [email protected] or 604.250.2377 with your questions and/or wonderings.

Application closes Monday July 1, 2024 at 9PM PST.