Photo: Mark Janousek

Trust affirms dignity

December 18, 2016 by Loren Balisky

The forced displacement of millions in our world creates an opportunity to welcome, in trust, those who leave their homes and families to protect themselves from persecution.  Trust is a gift we give and receive in a world troubled by fear and suspicion.

What happens when…?

May 13, 2016 by Loren Balisky

What happens when we follow the lead of one boy, inviting us to welcome refugee claimants? Astonishing generosity that truly turns our world around. Watch this 30-second video to see how we, together, raised more than $65,000.

Photo: Visha Thamboo

“I’m deeply grateful….”

April 15, 2016 by steve

Volunteers bring skill, creativity, and freshness to the welcome of refugee claimants.  And they leave inspired and enriched. What a delight to have Anna Kvasnikova at Kinbrace! From February to April, Anna volunteered two days a week through the University … Continue reading

Mark Janousek

Life-vest, anyone?

April 8, 2016 by Loren Balisky

“My people buy these for a very expensive price, and still they drown,” Azad* tells me as he fits into an orange life-vest, looking out over the quiet south bay of Anvil Island, BC. The image of orange life-vests is synonymous … Continue reading

Detention monitoring in BC with UNHCR

December 16, 2015 by Loren Balisky

In July 2015, Kinbrace entered an Implementing Partnership Agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to carry out a six-month pilot project of detention monitoring in British Columbia as part of the Global Strategy -Beyond Detention.

Burnaby youth present present their $6285 cheque to Kinbrace!

Burnaby Students Have More Than Talent….

December 2, 2015 by Loren Balisky

Burnaby youth have more than talent: they’ve got huge hearts for global concerns and hardworking hands to bring change locally. Kinbrace was selected by the Burnaby District Student Advisory Council (DSAC) (student leaders from the eight Burnaby high schools) as … Continue reading

Meal in the Kinbrace yard. Photo credit Mark Janousek

Extending the Table

May 6, 2015 by Loren Balisky

Food shared at Kinbrace brings diverse people together:  asylum seekers, Canadians, neighbours, former Kinbrace residents, young and old. While there is much that alienates (language, history, fear, uncertainty), when food is prepared with care and with the intention of sharing, it … Continue reading

Donald Cho, Vancity Branch 12 Account Manager, helps refugees secure loans to pay for their permanent residence applications.

Vancity accelerates refugee integration

May 2, 2015 by Loren Balisky

When refugee-serving agencies in Metro Vancouver discovered a significant barrier limiting refugee integration, they approached Vancity, Canada’s largest community credit union, for help. Vancity, with its commitment to building inclusive communities for everyone and helping people become “bankable,” is an … Continue reading

UNHCR - I. Prickett

Welcoming Syrian Refugees

April 24, 2015 by Loren Balisky

There are over 4 million Syrian refugees (half of them children) outside their country, living in precarious situations. The Canadian government is committed to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. Religious groups, individuals, and others are rallying to bring Syrian … Continue reading