My Refugee Claim – why this new resource matters for refugee claimants

When Maria arrived in Canada seeking refugee protection from persecution in her country, she knew little about Canada’s refugee protection process or how to begin to make a refugee claim.

She knew she had temporary safety, but didn’t know who to ask or where to find good information on next steps. Traumatized by what happened in her home country and struggling to cope in Canada, Maria became increasingly desperate and isolated.

Eventually, she found someone who said they could help, but that relationship went terribly wrong for Maria. Tragically, she lost her claim for refugee protection and faced deportation back to her home country.

Unfortunately, this story is repeated for countless people desperate for safety, who fail to receive refugee protection because they didn’t get good information, didn’t get connected to the right supports, and/or were unprepared at critical points in the process.

My Refugee Claim seeks to change this.

My Refugee Claim is a new public legal education and information (PLEI) resource that is designed to inform, connect, and prepare each refugee claimant throughout their refugee claim journey.

With over 70,000 people projected to arrive in Canada in 2022 and seek refugee protection, there is urgent need to meet them with clear information.

My Refugee Claim is written with and for refugee claimants, utilizing in-print and online media to optimize discoverability and accessibility for refugee claimants.

The printable Orientation Booklet is a navigation tool, providing high-level guidance that helps refugee claimants locate themselves in the complex refugee protection process, and take important next steps to be prepared, connected, and informed. QR codes take users from the Orientation Booklet to is a comprehensive, user-friendly website providing in-depth, regionally relevant information on every stage of the refugee claim process. Warm illustrations and graphic design make the website approachable and engaging.

Visit to become familiar with Canada’s refugee protection process. Share My Refugee Claim with refugee claimants you know.