New Report – Changing the Way We Welcome Refugee Claimants

Feeling the inadequacy and frustration of the humanitarian, charitable, and organizational approaches to welcoming refugee claimants, the Kinbrace community asked the question:

“What would a values-based, human-centred, and transformational welcome for and with people seeking refuge and protection in Canada look like?”

Thanks to donors’ ongoing support, the wisdom and guidance of a diverse research steering committee, the researching and reporting skills of Alexandra Dawley Consulting, and funding from the Vancouver Foundation and The Houssian Foundation, this new report – From Humanitarian to Human: Changing the Way We Welcome Refugee Claimants – is now available for you and for everyone wondering about about how to amplify dignity, belonging, and wellbeing for and with refugee claimants.

The research was conducted in a unique way: instead of asking about challenges refugee claimants faced, they were asked,

“In your journey as a refugee claimant, tell us about the ‘bright moments’ when you experienced dignity, belonging, and wellbeing…”

Creative processes (writing prose and poetry, making art – all captured in the report) were part of the telling and listening journey.

The voices of people with refugee claimant experience are distilled in 9 actionable recommendations. Some recommendations may resonate with you, affirming what you already know and do. Other recommendations may surprise and challenge you.

If we can collectively pursue these recommendations, we will indeed bring increased and much needed change with refugee claimants in Canada.