It’s looking like Christmas!

It snowed yesterday!

After many frigid days in Vancouver, the skies opened and dropped a beautiful white blanket on us – a rare winter-wonder in our westcoast world.  For many of the newcomers at Kinbrace, this is their first snowfall ever.

For some, the falling snow is a magical delight (previously encountered only in books or on TV) – now a real opportunity to build snowmen and make snow angels. Others look out the windows with anxious eyes and load up with layer upon layer of clothing to courageously face the snow.

With a fresh dusting of snow on the ground, yesterday was the perfect day to decorate Kinbrace for the Christmas season.  Home Hardware, on Commercial Drive, generously donated a beautiful Christmas tree, which quickly found a home in our central living room.

When the school day was over, children and adults gathered to drink hot apple cider, decorate sugar cookies, and make ornaments for the Christmas tree. After two-and-a-half hours of cutting, pasting, colouring, and taping our Christmas tree was transformed, beautiful and bright!  Fired up with sugar cookies, the kids all ran out the doors to throw snowballs at each other, while the adults assessed the mess of glitter glue, paper scraps, and cookie bits all over the tables!

Here in the Kinbrace community, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!