Human Rights Award for Kinbrace

Kinbrace is honoured to receive MOSAIC’s 2014 Human Rights Award, granted to people or organizations who demonstrate significant contribution in the field of human rights and ethnic relations, among other criteria.

Who are the heroes receiving this award?  It’s fitting that Kinbrace – the organization, and not any one person – is the recipient. Kinbrace is a community of networked, intentional, compassionate people who have either lived the refugee experience or care deeply that people needing and receiving refugee protection are welcomed and given every opportunity to belong and succeed.

Here are the Kinbrace heroes this Human Rights Award honours: people who have been forced from their countries of origin because of their human rights work and are now settling in Canada, Kinbrace at this site – staff and volunteers, financial donors, lawyers, partner agencies across Canada, doctors, social workers, government civil servants who understand the importance of Canada’s refugee protection system and work to make it work, communities of prayer, children at Kinbrace and all around us who have a remarkable capacity to welcome without judgment, and many others.

We all are grateful to MOSAIC for their generosity selecting and recognizing Kinbrace for this award.