Detention monitoring in BC with UNHCR

In July 2015, Kinbrace entered an Implementing Partnership Agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to carry out a six-month pilot project of detention monitoring in British Columbia as part of the Global Strategy -Beyond Detention.

Through this sImplementing Partnership in the area of detention monitoring, Kinbrace works with the UNHCR in BC, primarily ensuring detention conditions meet international standards based on the Monitoring Immigration Detention Manual. This includes:

  • conducting regular monitoring visits to federal and provincial detention centres;
  • providing training and materials for security guards, BC Corrections personnel, and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) staff that promotes best practices and informs about international standards of detention;
  • ensuring that detainees are treated in a dignified and humane manner.

UNHCR’s Global Strategy – Beyond Detention is a strategic initiative aiming to address challenges and concerns around detention policies and practices worldwide.

Twelve countries, including Canada, have been selected to be part of an initial roll-out phase and to work towards three main goals: a) to end the detention of children, b) to ensure availability of alternatives to detention in law and in practice, and c) to ensure that conditions of detention meet international standards.

Erin Pearce and Andrew Kuipers are the Kinbrace staff leading this pilot project, carrying out detention monitoring, writing reports, and liaising with UNHCR, CBSA, BC Corrections, and others.