Burnaby Students Have More Than Talent….

Burnaby youth have more than talent: they’ve got huge hearts for global concerns and hardworking hands to bring change locally.

Kinbrace was selected by the Burnaby District Student Advisory Council (DSAC) (student leaders from the eight Burnaby high schools) as the charity to support through their amazing annual Burnaby’s Got Talent event held on 08 April 2015.

On the night of the event, Kinbrace residents and reps got front-row VIP seating and watched a truly remarkable ensemble of student actors, singers, musicians, artists, and magicians wow a sold out crowd in the Micheal J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby. What an event!

On Victoria Day Monday, the DSAC Executive Committee (pictured with some of us from Kinbrace) hand-delivered their generous cheque and used the opportunity to reflect on the event, talk of their favorite performances, and even speak to their future dreams and aspirations as most of them graduate from high school soon.

I am so impressed by the quality these youth: their vision is large, their compassion and zeal is tangible, and they work hard to make good change happen. Kinbrace is honoured and humbled to have been at the centre of their attention. Burnaby students definitely have talent, and a whole lot of heart.

Thank you Janani, Megan, Thomas, Jared, Dani, Nancy, all the other DSAC leaders, and Burnaby families and supporters who attended and supported Burnaby’s Got Talent! You’ve made Canada a better place for refugees – a place of dignity, warmth, hospitality, and hope.