Trust affirms dignity

The forced displacement of millions in our world creates an opportunity to welcome, in trust, those who leave their homes and families to protect themselves from persecution.  Trust is a gift we give and receive in a world troubled by fear and suspicion.

Trust is Kinbrace’s second core value; we work to be a trusting community today and everyday.

Trust starts with the recognition that we are a community – not just the small community located in two houses in east Vancouver; nor simply the larger community of volunteers, neighbours, supporters, former residents, and those refugees who’ve long-since become Canadian citizens that bring life to and sustain the Kinbrace community.

We are a global community.

When one family is displaced from their home by war or persecution on the other side of the world, we who live in Canada are impacted, whether we know it or not.

Trust is an invisible strength threading its way around the globe providing a safe pathway for the displaced to travel and find a new home.

Trust affirms human dignity, always seeking and committing to the best in one another.

It doesn’t assume solutions for vulnerable people; trust involves the risk of asking what others need.

And, yes: we work everyday to recreate and posture our hearts with 100% trust.  The alternative is suspicion which degrades human dignity, creates under-classes, promotes systems of power, exploits the vulnerable, and generates fear.