Flavours of Hope Summer Food Market

Flavours of Hope is running a market pilot with Kinbrace from June-August 2018 to celebrate traditional food, culture and stories of refugee newcomer women in our community. Through the summer food market, newcomer women are empowered to earn a living wage, build social connections and learn about food entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. The women are building relationships and networks in the community, and gaining experience and employment opportunity to work in the food sector.

Flavours of Hope is working with a Mexican, Venezuelan and Palestinian woman and selling their traditional cultural dishes at the market. Food has the power to break down barriers and bring people together to learn from each other and share cultural knowledge and stories of hope and strength. The aspiring vision and deep hope is to create a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community, and build a sense of belonging and empowerment for newcomers.      

Support Flavours of Hope’s summer food market by donating and coming to Granville Island to buy authentic traditional cultural food from the talented newcomer women chefs. The outdoor market is located on Granville Island every Tuesday from 11:00am to 4:00pm till August 28, and is part of Groundswell Test Market to support local social entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in the community.