We’re launching something new!

Kinbrace began in 1998 under the direction of Salsbury Community Society with a simple purpose:  to welcome and assist refugee claimants in Metro Vancouver with supportive, transitional housing.

Since those humble but clearly focussed beginnings fourteen years ago, Kinbrace has matured and had significant impact, providing housing and settlement support to nearly 400 refugee claimants, and orienting hundreds more through education programs.

Recognizing our growing identity and clear purpose, Kinbrace and Salsbury leadership discerned that our vision would be best served by a distinct incorporated organisation.

We are delighted to announce the founding of Kinbrace Community Society!

This marks a new era for Kinbrace, one that brings efficiency and increased capacity to our work, allowing us to strengthen our response to refugee needs in Canada and to courageously explore new opportunities.  We are living an important transitional moment in the Kinbrace story!

With deep gratitude we best essay writing service leave Salsbury Community Society’s embrace.  Fourteen years of good parenting cannot be disregarded, and we acknowledge the well-stewarded home that has nurtured Kinbrace.

Help celebrate and participate in Kinbrace Community Society’s launch:

  • Give generously.  Our vision to see refugees welcomed, housed, settled, and at home is clearer than ever, and takes all of us to realize it.
  • Pray that faith, hope, and love will mark our new organisation.
  • Watch this space for an official launch party event!