My Refugee Claim Project

The Problem

Canada’s refugee protection system is life-saving, but refugee claimants arriving in Canada struggle to comprehend and navigate the refugee protection process. Their quest for refugee protection is mitigated by complex systems. Sometimes the most vulnerable refugee claimants don’t get the refugee protection they desperately need.

Strategic Action

Design, create, and implement a comprehensive, multi-lingual public legal education and information resource with and for refugee claimants in Canada. Include web and print materials. 

Project Goal

Refugee claimants are informed, connected, and prepared throughout their refugee claim journey.

How You Can Help

  1. Learn about Canada’s refugee protection process from My Refugee Claim
  2. Share My Refugee Claim resources with refugee claimants
  3. Connect Kinbrace to funders who can help the project
  4. Donate


Contact Sophia Underhill, Refugee Protection Coordinator, sophia[at]