The Companion Circle – your monthly giving community

Mark Janousek

I’ll give each refugee claimant…


$25 – I’ll ensure each refugee claimant receives a personalized Welcome Basket with essentials to start life in Canada.


$50 – I’ll provide wrap-around support so each person feels a sense of safety, home, and family in the midst of forced displacement.


$100 – I’ll walk with each person seeking refugee protection through the challenge of finding housing and employment, to help them thrive.


Receive a FREE copy of Becoming Neighbours – Five Values for a World of Welcome when you start your recurring gift!

By Cheque

post-dated monthly cheques payable to
Kinbrace Community Society
21732-1424 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 5G3

Questions or comments regarding your recurring donation?
Email Laura at or call 604.255.9691.