Kinbrace Residents

Photo: Mark Janousek

Residents living at Kinbrace are people in Canada’s refugee protection system.

With a variety of apartment sizes, we accommodate single people and families. On average we host 12–15 residents at a time.

When people arrive in Canada and need a place to stay, they are referred to us through an established network of service providers in Metro Vancouver. Upon arriving at Kinbrace,  new resident are greeted and welcomed into a clean, self-contained apartment.

People seeking refugee protection can face extreme difficulties during the first weeks and months in Canada, including exploitation, poverty, anxiety, confusion and isolation. This is often in addition to the trauma or despair of previous life experiences that led them to flee their homes. Our community includes a team of dedicated staff, host community members and volunteers who offer orientation, accompaniment, and support.


Build Community

We continually marvel at how people from across the globe suddenly become neighbours at Kinbrace. Sharing in a common experience of exile, beautiful relationships develop between neighbours. Since 1998, Kinbrace has been home to people from over 60 countries.