Welcome to the Holiday Gift Shop

When you give a Kinbrace gift of welcome this holiday season, not only will you send love to your family and friends, you will also provide refugee claimants with critical support, connection, dignity and comfort.

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Community Dinner


Give the gift of connection. Laughter and a sense of belonging surrounds the kitchen tables at Kinbrace every week. This gift is so much more than providing food for refugee claimants! It enables former strangers from around the world to gather in friendship and dignity while sharing a delicious meal.


Welcome Basket


Provide dignity and comfort. Refugee claimants arrive with little more than the clothes on their back. Your gift of a welcome basket provides critical items such as personal hygiene essentials, umbrellas, fresh produce, pantry staples, a small children’s toy, grocery store gift cards and more.


Ease of Transportation


Create freedom of movement
Getting around Vancouver is expensive! Refugee claimants struggle to cover the cost of transit and are forced to walk long distances to attend critical appointments. Your gift of a transit pass allows movement with ease, independence and dignity.


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Once your payment has been processed we’ll send a holiday e-card to the email address you specify. (If you would like you can print this card at home.)

These gifts represent resources and services for refugee claimant residents at Kinbrace. Your gift purchase will be spent in the area you have indicated or area of most need and is a tax-deductible donation to Kinbrace.

Thank you for your support! Questions or comments regarding your Gift of Welcome? Don’t hesitate to contact Alexandra at  [email protected] or call 604.255.9691