READY Tours History

READY Tours started in 2008 as a collaborative initiative between Kinbrace, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada – Refugee Protection Division (Western Region) (IRB-RPD) with the purpose of readying refugee claimants for their refugee hearings. The idea was simple: welcome refugee claimants into the hearing rooms, give good information, and allow for questions and answers. Since 2008, thousands of refugee claimants and service providers have personally participated in the READY Tour learning experience.

In 2010 a practical educational resource was developed to help refugee claimants prepare for their hearings.  In 2014, this resource was re-written, illustrated, and translated and is available as an excellent tool for both refugee claimants and service providers.  Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee Claimants  explains important refugee determination concepts and procedures.

READY Tours is a synergistic project stewarded by Kinbrace in collaboration with the IRB-RPD, refugee lawyers, partnering NGOs, and an amazing team of volunteer interpreters.

READY Tours are now available in MontrealToronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Thank you for doing this for us. It helps a lot to clarify the hearing.
–Refugee Claimant participant