Permanent Housing

Finding stable, affordable housing in BC’s lower mainland is a challenging task.

Many challenges come with claiming refugee protection and settling in a new country; finding permanent housing is one of those challenges.

At Kinbrace, we are committed to helping each Kinbrace resident find stable, affordable housing in BC’s lower mainland.

We help to:

  • Secure safe, affordable permanent housing
  • Find furniture and household necessities
  • Negotiate with landlords and utility providers
  • Connect children to schools in their new community
  • Connect people to the closest settlement agency in their new neighbourhood

Extend Hospitality

Living in Vancouver

  • Vancouver is Canada’s second most expensive city, with a median monthly rental price of $3,200 for a 2 bedroom apartment. (May 2019)
  • As of July 1st, 2019, minimum wage in BC is $13.85 per hour.