Permanent Housing

When Kinbrace residents move to permanent housing, relationships and support continue.

Many challenges come with claiming refugee protection and with settlement in a new country and.

We are committed to ongoing support, helping former residents settle into Metro Vancouver. Common areas of assistance are:

  • Securing safe, affordable permanent housing
  • Finding furniture and household necessities
  • Writing resumes
  • Negotiating with landlords and utility providers
  • Renewing expired work permits and other documents
  • Filing tax forms
  • Answering questions related to schooling, medical services and other

Extend Hospitality

Living in Vancouver

  • Vancouver is Canada’s most expensive city, with an average monthly rental price of $1,181 for a 2 bedroom apartment.
  • The Medical Services Plan in BC costs $121 per month for a family of three.
  • As of May 1st, 2012, minimum wage in BC is $10.25 per hour.