What are READY Tours?

READY Tours are for refugee claimants.

If you are a refugee claimant, READY Tours can help you prepare for your refugee hearing. READY Tours are a free, voluntary program designed to educate, orient, and support you as you prepare for your hearing.  READY Tours are also available to service providers. READY Tours do not replace legal counsel.

READY Tours are a free opportunity to:

  • participate in a Tour of a refugee hearing room at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) in Vancouver, TorontoMontreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg,
  • meet a Staff person of the Refugee Protection Division (IRB-RPD),
  • learn what happens in the hearing room,
  • learn who might participate in a refugee hearing,
  • learn important concepts about refugee law and determination
  • have a chance to ask questions about the process, and
  • receive a copy of the new Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee Claimants

Visiting the hearing room and receiving advice on how to prepare for my hearing was very useful.
–Refugee Claimant participant