Photo: Mark Janousek

Trust affirms dignity

December 18, 2016 by Loren Balisky

The forced displacement of millions in our world creates an opportunity to welcome, in trust, those who leave their homes and families to protect themselves from persecution.  Trust is a gift we give and receive in a world troubled by fear and suspicion. Continue Reading →

Photo: Visha Thamboo

“I’m deeply grateful….”

December 15, 2016 by steve

Volunteers bring skill, creativity, and freshness to the welcome of refugee claimants.  And they leave inspired and enriched.

What a delight to have Anna Kvasnikova at Kinbrace!

From February to April, Anna volunteered two days a week through the University of British Columbia’s Arts Internship Program. Continue Reading →

What happens when…?

December 13, 2016 by Loren Balisky

What happens when we follow the lead of one boy, inviting us to welcome refugee claimants?

Astonishing generosity that truly turns our world around.

Watch this 30-second video to see how we, together, raised more than $65,000. Continue Reading →

Mark Janousek

Life-vest, anyone?

December 8, 2016 by Loren Balisky

“My people buy these for a very expensive price, and still they drown,” Azad* tells me as he fits into an orange life-vest, looking out over the quiet south bay of Anvil Island, BC.

The image of orange life-vests is synonymous with the current refugee crisis, a symbol of the tens of thousands of asylum seekers taking risky boat passage from north Africa and the Middle East toward Europe.  I’ve personally been gutted by the images of children, men, and women landing on the European coastline, faces tight with fear, the surf pounding around them.  It’s sheer survival. Continue Reading →

Erin Pearce (left), Wellness Counsellor, leads Kinbrace's new Wellness Counselling Program.

New! Wellness Counselling Program

December 27, 2015 by Loren Balisky

Refugee claimants arriving in Canada often struggle with mental wellbeing, simply because they have and continue to encounter significant stressors and trauma.

Kinbrace recently launched its Wellness Counselling Program under the direction of Erin Pearce to support the mental wellbeing of Kinbrace residents. Erin has a Masters in Social Work focusing on refugee mental health and is our newest staff member working in the role of Wellness Counsellor.
Continue Reading →

Martha Koehn

Record Breaking Ride for Refuge

December 24, 2015 by Loren Balisky

Congratulations to everyone participating in this year’s Ride for Refuge, breaking previous years’ records, demonstrating a profound welcome for refugee claimants.

On the bright, sunny 3 October Saturday, 134 riders on 14 Kinbrace teams gathered midst 600 riders from other charities in Richmond, BC, rallying under the big green balloon, greeting each other, reaching for their complementary chocolates, and tying the telltale Kinbrace balloons to their helmets or bikes, getting ready for rides ranging from 10-50 kms. Continue Reading →